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Posted on Aug 06, 2021

Bali is renowned for many things: its climate, its stunning scenery, its variety of luxurious villas and hotels and its popularity as a top wedding or honeymoon destination. But did you know that the cuisine in Bali is amongst the most varied in the World? The climate here has allowed for the development of some very unusual fruits, many of which we grow ourselves in our own organic herbal garden.

We include lots of these tasty fruits in the deliciously fresh cocktails available at the Hanging Gardens of Bali’s very own Garden Bar.

Here are some of the most interesting and unusual fruits you’ll find at our Gardens:

Durian (Duren)

When it comes to the durian, you either love it or you hate it. This fruit has an incredibly powerful aroma which has actually led to it being banned from many enclosed spaces and private villas! For some locals, even driving home with durian in their car will leave it with a strong smell for days afterwards. That said, some simply love the smell and the taste of this fruit. Those who adore the durian say it’s invigoratingly sweet and rich, which makes it great for thick, creamy cocktails. Durian can be found in the Gardens of the Resort but is not welcomed for consumption at the premisses.

Snakeskin Fruit (Salak)

When you look at the skin of this odd fruit, it closely resembles a snake’s skin, which is where the name comes from. The fruits are slightly spiny and have an oval shape, with a pointed top that helps you to peel them. The taste within is said to be a mixture of pineapples and regular apples – interesting! There are a number of farming cooperatives situated in Ubud that have endeavoured to turn this fruit into a kind of wine, so look out for that.

Boni (Buah Buni)

You can find these berries in the fruit markets or in tasty cocktails – or you can find them in wild shrubs and bushes all over the island! They’re technically berries but they look and taste a little like grapes, in that they can be very sour or very sweet. In Bali, boni are used in salads, and have been used to help relieve hypertension.

Soursop (Srikaya)

Many villagers across Bali grow these fruits in their own gardens – and yes, they’re as sour as the name suggest! But when they’re mixed with the sweet syrups that are often used in cocktails, they create a delicious flavour.

Rambutan (Buluan)

The Balinese have a talent for naming things as they see them – the loose translation of this fruit name is ‘hairy’, and the fruit certainly lives up to that name! Exotic Rambutans start out green and yellow, before turning a juicy red when they’re ripe and ready to be picked. The flesh inside is sweet and tasty, and are used in sweet and spicy cocktails.

Whenever you are staying with the Family or on a Romantic Vacation and would like to experience some of the exotic fruits, our knowledgable Gardener would be glad to arrange a tour around the premisses and introduce you to a selection of fruits that can only be found on this Magical Island.

Experience the ultimate honeymoon experience in Ubud when you stay at the Hanging Gardens of Bali. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding tropical gardens and jungle while indulging in the highest standards of hospitality and accommodation.

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Posted on Aug 06, 2021