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Blog - The Most Romantic Dinner Honeymoon in Bali | Hanging Gardens of Bali


Posted on Nov 15, 2023

Experience creativity, warmth and impeccable cuisine on an enthralling culinary journey orchestrated by our chefs, using modern and innovative cooking techniques that combine global flavors and a strong focus on local ingredients and flavors.

With spectacular misty views of the rain forest by day and a thousand candles lighting up the night, Three Elements restaurant at Hanging Gardens of Bali offers the most romantic dining experiences in Bali.

When you think of ideal romantic dinners during your honeymoon in Bali, this Three Elements restaurant embodies that. Imagine being on top of the world! As the sunset splashes shades of gold over the jungle, your gourmet meal ensues and by the time your meal ends, a blanket of stars and twinkling candles surround you in a romantic embrace.

It doesn’t get any more perfect than this!

Of course if you are wanting a more intimate dining experience, you can bask in the warm glow of your love as you enjoy a private feast served to you in your private villa.

With a vast array of culinary options available, you can surprise your partner with a delicious menu designed by our gourmet chefs, exotic cocktails and most importantly – the privacy in your own tropical jungle villa.

For that extra special romantic culinary experience, Hanging Gardens of Bali leads the way with a once in a lifetime dining experience… the “Secret Romantic Dinner”.

Your enchanting night begins with a very special and spiritual journey. Transported into the mythical world of Balinese culture, this experience begins at sunset as you arrive to a candle-lit path in the jungle, past a bridge over the Ayung River Valley, and into the clearing of the holy Dalem Segara, one of the most spiritual temples in Bali.

Once at the temple, a Balinese priest will bless the couple before entering in a Balinese Hindu purification ritual followed by a relaxing, signature flower foot bath.

You are offered delicious appetizers and as you enjoy this hospitality, your chef shall skillfully prepare a sumptuous Rijsttafel or “Traditional Rice Table”.

In a completely relaxed state, you are invited to a specially prepared dining bale overlooking the magnificent view of the jungle valley below and the mountains of Bali in the distance.

As the night falls, the temple, the bale, and the paths leading into the jungle below are lit up with a myriad of twinkling candles – a culinary and spectacular setting for the ultimate romantic dinner experience in Bali

If you are still in the mood for a little more romantic indulgence in the next day, then there is an invitation to experience High Tea in the heart of the jungle and a cooling dip into the world’s best swimming pool. Indulge your own spirit of adventure and sophistication with our unique High Tea selection in the heart of a magnificent jungle setting.

At Hanging Gardens of Bali, love is in the air and on the plate!