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Deserves to be in a Bond movie…

October 2, 2015

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We are truly delighted and honoured to share the amazing reviews of our beloved guests. Such as this one:

“Deserves to be in a Bond movie…”

Visited this extraordinary property last week, when it was named one of the prestigious Seven Star Luxury Hospitality Award winners, and I know of no other hotel more deserving…Owner Nir Peretz is truly a man of vision to have created this Shangri-La out of nothing, literally “hanging” off the side of a hill on the Island of the Gods…it’s the sort of setting you might expect to see in a James Bond movie! Lunch was delicious, the spa session and service outstanding and the infinity pool as good as it gets…My advise, book it as soon as you can, don’t bring the kids, do bring plenty of money!

Room Tip: All are spectacular.. the climbs from some are not for the lame or faint-hearted, though there is a..