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Posted on Nov 17, 2023

Bali is an amazing tourist destination with millions of tourists visiting this paradise each year. This tourism migration has consequences in terms of ecology, water supply, waste management and infrastructure. But, once a year, Bali becomes the most peaceful place on our planet: Nyepi Day, literally translated as "Day of Silence". Hari Nyepi is the New Year celebration for Balinese Hindus and is celebrated nowhere else but in Bali, without any doubt the quietest day of the year around the Earth!
All activities are stopped during this day, all roads, towns, villages are totally empty, and nobody can leave their home for a period of 24 hours.

Nyepi is such an incredible and unique experience that must be experienced once in a lifetime, it allows you to fast and meditate for a whole day, it is definitely a day of rest inciting reflection, introspection and personal research of one's existence. All that will disturb this spiritual search is strictly proscribed.
The restrictions concern Balinese as well as tourists and expatriates, for 24 hours and include no light outside and inside your house, no work, no entertainment such as games, or pleasure other than intellectual, and obviously no trips outside your house or your hotel.
The direct effect is that all streets, roads and beaches are totally empty, completely silent and strictly no pollution for 24 full hours!
Only the traditional religious security men called Pecalang are authorized to patrol and make sure that all rules are thoroughly respected.

All businesses including shops, bars/restaurants, gas stations, are closed, everyone must stay in their home or in their hotels, in addition the sound level of the music and television should be set at the lowest. The airport and the ports are entirely closed, and in hospitals, only maternity and emergency wards can remain open.
If by chance you are in Bali during Nyepi, you should experience it at least once and respect this day which is so important for the Balinese. Nyepi  Day 2023 will start from 5.59am on 22 March (Wednesday) and will finish at 6.00am on 23 March (Thursday).

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