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Posted on Nov 15, 2023

When planning your next exotic escape, spending a day of relaxation and rejuvenation by the pool is often at the top of many people’s wish lists. Clear blue waters, comfy sun loungers and mesmerising scenery that make swimming pools ideal spot to relax, unwind and take a dip.

Swimming pools exude luxury and glamour, and are often featured as a backdrop for many fashion shoots, as well as in lots of movies. The pools selected for the big screen not only look great, but they play major a role in setting up the scene and giving its atmosphere, whether it’s for an exciting party or a romantic encounter. Read on as we find some perfect examples of when a swimming pool has been used on screen, in a range of Hollywood blockbusters:

Skyfall – Of course, James Bond would never visit your average swimming pool, and in this movie instead he opts for one on the roof of a skyscraper with breathtaking views of the Shanghai skyline. While you can visit this pool in real life, you may find the view is a little different – it was actually filmed in London.

Oblivion – Unfortunately you’ll be hard pressed to find a pool that looks like the one dreamed up in Oblivion. The huge, glass pools are suspended over mountains in a post-apocalyptic world, it might not be an ideal situation but the pool is certainty stunning.

Scarface – Considered one of the best mob films ever made Scarface also features a pool that you can picture yourself relaxing by on a sun lounger, soaking up the sun with cocktail in hand. Filmed at the Fontainebleau Hilton in Miami, this pool also features in romantic thriller The Bodyguard and action film The Specialist.

Romeo + Juliet – The iconic balcony scene with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes is only made more spectacular by the pool side setting and Italian décor and design. With such a romantic feel it’s easy to see why this scene is one of the most memorable from the film.

A swimming pool doesn’t have to have featured on the big screen to make it a glamorous spot that is perfect for dinner. What could be more romantic than enjoying a beautifully prepared meal, surrounded by candles, while taking in spectacular views of an ancient Bali holy temple. If that scenario sounds too good to pass up on, you can reserve your table now at the Hanging Gardens of Bali and have dinner at the world’s best swimming pool.

As well as a magnificent meal, a trip to the Hanging Gardens of Bali is sure to delight. Surrounded by lush jungle, guests can enjoy indulgent spa treatments and once in a lifetime experiences whilst staying with us in a luxury villa in Ubud.

Located in the cultural heart of the island of the Gods, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is the quintessential luxury honeymoon villa in Ubud that offers unrivaled accommodation, swimming pool, dining and hospitality experience.