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Blog - The Architecture of Hanging Gardens of Bali | Hanging Gardens of Bali


Posted on Nov 15, 2023

The architectural uniqueness of Hanging Gardens of Bali baffles architects and developers to such an extent that they are in explicitly drawn to explore the wonders and see for themselves. The structural complexity of the hotel is unparalleled because of the impossible topography and the engineering solutions that the designers of the hotel had to put into play when dealing with the difficult terrain. In fact all building materials had to be carried by hand as there was no accessibility for vehicles at the time. A stable structure had to be designed and built to accommodate the 41 infinity pools literally hanging over the jungle valley with ground breaking and innovative feats of engineering.

In order to enhance the stability of the site, 11,000 meters of retaining walls were needed. These walls are made from concrete and volcanic stones brought to site with all stone masonry done by hand. Additionally a storm water system had to be created in order to achieve efficient water management. These tasks alone are so complex and required more resources than is normally used in constructions of this type. Ultimately it was more expensive to create the retaining walls and storm water management than to build the hotel itself.

Accessibility to the site was incredibly complicated as the access road is built on top of an 80-foot deep gorge. In order to make a way to the hotel, a triple dam system had to be created and the cavity was filled with perforated sponge like volcanic stones in order for it to be light enough. It took the duration of the whole project to complete the access road to the level it is currently. A 500 foot high “gabion system” or wirework container filled with rock, broken concrete, or other material, used in the construction of dams and retaining walls was added for additional reinforcement, making accessibility easy and effortless.

All 41 infinity pools are heated and tiled with volcanic stone and local slate. Their design is uniquely constructed to create the illusion that once in your private jungle villa, you are floating in the middle of an open jungle. The natural curves and terraces of an Indonesian rice field inspired the main pool design. The support for the pool that is required is structurally equivalent to an 8-story building. This is all created above the treetop level of a dense rainforest with no machinery. The scale of the task was “biblical”.

One of the secrets to why Hanging Gardens feels so luxurious and peaceful is the fact that all levels of the pool, and the outdoor and indoor areas are aligned. This is a huge architectural challenge, as typically in tropical locations, you need steps to raise the villa from the ground level in distinct areas in order to prevent water flowing indoors. The way these levels were created is one of the most guarded secrets of Hanging Gardens as in most resorts the villas are normally higher than the rest of the ground so that water is unable to enter the room. All lines, meaning corners, edges, ceilings, balustrades etc. are linked. This means they flow on to the next line, therefore giving and creating pure, un-compromising architecture.

Bali is known for its pleasurable climate and the Balinese lifestyle shows that people spend the same amount of time indoors and outdoors. Hanging Gardens of Bali is loyal to this way of life with its pavilions/bales in an organic way using Feng Shui the use of natural laws and energies that govern the four-dimensional orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings. Every element in the hotel is created with Feng Shui measurements and is devoted to the Feng Shui philosophy.

The site is so steep that there are a total of 450 steps in the hotel that assist you in moving around the 110 vertical meter site. Although the faster method would be to use one of the three funiculars situated conveniently throughout to the hotel to glide you effortlessly and peacefully. The placement of the villas and all other living areas was carefully selected in order to minimize the indifference to nature, in fact only one original tree was lost during the whole construction time.

John Pedigree and Fitri Peretz have created the exotic and mystical landscape of the Hanging Gardens of Bali that together with this most unique of architectural marvels has produced a true “Modern Wonder of the World”.

Located in the cultural heart of the island of the Gods, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is the quintessential luxury villa in Ubud that offers unrivaled accommodation, swimming pool, dining and hospitality experience.