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Blog - The most exotic afternoon tea in the jungle? | Hanging Gardens


Posted on Nov 17, 2023

Centuries ago a fine tea brew was considered almost as luxurious as a glass of champagne is now!

Rather than at glamorous parties however, this traditional drink was enjoyed during a ritual of ‘Afternoon Tea’. Back then, this occasion was only reserved for the most privileged of citizens – and guests at the Hanging Gardens of Bali can also experience some of this fine exclusivity themselves with our afternoon tea package on offer, right in the heart of the jungle at Ubud.

But before you take part in this sophisticated past-time, let us tell you some more about the origins of “Afternoon tea”.

How did it start?

In the nineteenth century in England, it was normal to only have two main meals a day – breakfast in the morning and dinner later on at around 8 o’clock. In the afternoon this would often leave people feeling weak, or in the words of Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford ‘having that sinking feeling’. A large pot of tea and a small snack was seen as the solution, to tide over rumbling stomachs until dinner time later on.

Originally, this practice was enjoyed privately by the Duchess in her boudoir, but soon she invited friends to join her for tea when on holiday at her summer residence in the countryside of Woburn Abbey. When returning to London this proved to be even more popular, with socialites and fashionable ladies across the capital city enjoying pots of tea and light nibbles regularly in the afternoon. And so, ‘Tea Rooms’ became all the rage, and they quickly became a place where women were able to meet to socialise together, without the need for a chaperone to accompany them!

What does it include?

An ‘Afternoon Tea’ meal consists of plenty of tea, generally of the English breakfast kind, served with milk and sugar, to accompany this, delicate sandwiches that are cut into small ‘finger’ shapes were also eaten. For something sweet, light pastries and cakes were also enjoyed, including the traditional treat of scones, jam and clotted cream.

Afternoon Tea at the Hanging Gardens of Bali

At the Hanging Gardens of Bali, we combine this luxurious tradition with aspects of our own culture to bring to you a truly unique and unforgettable experience. We replace the ladies boudoir with an exotic natural backdrop and introduce some of our own Balinese cakes such as the scrumptious Pandan roll to tantalise the taste buds. Afternoon tea wouldn’t be complete without some English delicacies however, and you can of course expect to find delicious scones, fruit tartlets and chocolate eclairs too, to help wash down the pots of tea in style.

So will you be joining us in the jungle for a spot of afternoon tea? We’ll boil the water!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Afternoon Tea at Hanging Gardens of Bali.



  • A selection of freshly prepared finger sandwiches including:
  • Cucumber with dill cream cheese and chives
  • Egg mayonnaise with cress
  • Smoked salmon with lemon butter
  • Ham with grain mustard mayonnaise


  • Raisin Scones with thick cream and strawberry preserve
  • Fresh fruit tartlet with crème anglaise
  • Chocolate éclairs
  • Traditional Apple Tart
  • Chocolate layer cake
  • Premium Java grown boutique tea selection
  • Selection of premium Indonesian coffees
  • The Hanging Gardens Deluxe Afternoon Tea Set


  • Ham with grain mustard mayonnaise on whole wheat
  • Smoked Salmon-  – Lemon Butter – baby asparagus – soft roll
  • Mini croissant – shrimp – spicy remoulade – lettuce chiffonier
  • Rare roast beef – cornichon – Dijon mayonnaise – rye bread


  • Raisin Scones with thick cream and strawberry preserve
  • Fresh fruit tartlet with crème anglaise
  • Chocolate eclairs
  • Mini Pandan Crème Brûlée
  • Tirami su cups
  • Premium Java grown boutique tea selection
  • Selection of premium Indonesian coffees


Traditional Afternoon Tea $40 per person

With a glass of NV Nicholas Feuillate Brut Reserva $ 55

With a glass of Moet And Chandon $65

Located in the cultural heart of the island of the Gods, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is the quintessential luxury villa in Ubud that offers unrivaled accommodation, swimming pool, dining and hospitality experience.

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