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Blog - Top Activities At Hanging Gardens Of Bali: Bali Luxury Ubud Resort


Posted on Nov 15, 2023

Welcome to the heart of the Ubud jungle, characterized by lush wildlife, deep flora and fauna and excellent exposure to seasonal sunlight, this region deserves the international attention is attracts, year in and year out. We hope you expect world-class accommodations during your stay in the Ubud jungle, because the Hanging Gardens of Bali is set to deliver. Treat yourself to a caliber of hospitality that can effectively rival the quality of your time in Bali, when you make the high-value amenities at the Hanging Gardens your own, for the complete duration of your stay. Luxury villas await onsite, to capitalize on your already lofty expectations. Check out our recommendations for the top activities found at the Hanging Gardens of Bali, your destination for resort-quality provisions, exclusively on-site.

1. Three Elements Restaurant

A kitchen, lounge and bar space that combines internationally acclaimed dishes with comfortable accommodations, Three Elements Restaurant offers you a taste of Bali like you’ve never experienced before. A rich entrée selection, together with appetizers and delectable desserts, round out a culinary destination onsite at the Hanging Gardens of Bali well worth the visit.

Two individual menus promise to provide you with a dish that will suit your preference. You can also pair a world-class wine selection with any dish, with excellent recommendations from friendly service. Modern Indonesian dishes convey the top-tier products of a creative, ingenious kitchen. Enjoy pristine views of the rainforest surrounding the estate itself while you eat, or a candlelit dinner in the evening. Reservations are recommended during hours of peak operation.

2. Hidden Palace

For a special encounter with world-class luxury at the Hanging Gardens of Bali appointed for those seeking exceptional hospitality, try out the Hidden Palace. The experience itself is entirely worth your investment, as the price tag includes a holistic portfolio of amenities that leaves nothing out. It’s a 2,000 square meter space reserved for those in search of a caliber of stay unlike any other.

Welcome to your own, personal jungle getaway, accommodations set apart between rainforest flora and fauna. A bottle of champagne awaits you upon arrival, as do a variety of kitchen services. The estate itself includes five complete villas, allowing you to encounter authentic Bali hospitality together with family or friends. Take advantage of this signature stay, one which thoroughly defies expectations. Suites onsite include the Emperor Suite, Presidential Suite and Majestic Suite, among others.

Your amenities on the premises include daily breakfast provisions, to allow you to begin each and every day the right way. Afternoon tea is served to all residents, as is hand-picked fruit sourced from local outlets. Sitewide Internet access is offered alongside a personalized butler service for an entirely customized experience. A private chef can whip up top-tier cuisine at a moment’s notice, rounding out a stay in the jungle you have to see to believe.

3. Temple dining

You’re already treated to a wide portfolio of culinary masterpieces, when you stay at the Hanging Gardens of Bali. Make each meal into a memory, when you take them to a setting you’re never going to forget! It’s an experience equal parts spiritual and romantic, the ideal outlet for a couple of group looking to spend a little extra time together. Dine at the Dalem Segara Temple in Bali, a spiritual epicenter for rejuvenation. You can expect a traditional welcome by the Mangku – the appointed priest of the Balinese – upon your arrival onsite! An accompanying Hindu purification ritual is also administered, intent upon purifying your soul.

Once you’ve grown accustomed to your sensational setting, the meal itself can begin. Your own private chef who accompanied you to the remote site will serve up a variety of foods to your exact specifications, no matter your individual culinary preferences.

4. Reflexology

Relieve yourself of any residual tension and stress, with optimal Reflexology techniques meant to replace your anxiety with a sense of collected ease and peace of mind. At a location already optimized for reflexology treatments, an open-air destination for those seeking therapeutic relaxation, you and your travel entourage will become privileged recipients of renowned treatments known and respected the world around.

This reflexology-dedicated area of the Hanging Gardens of Bali allows you to try ancient treatments optimized for your well-being. These treatments focus on reflex points in your feet, to generate healing and revitalization in your lower and upper extremities. Allow your body to regenerate a sense of balance, with the help of Custom Reflexology treatments that can allow you to enjoy your Bali experience even more.

5. “The World’s Best Swimming Pool”

There are swimming pools, and then there are world-class swimming pools. Called “The World’s Best Swimming Pool” by both Condé Nast Traveller and TripAdvisor alike. Award-winning and fully deserving of the title, this swimming pool is a one-of-a-kind basin that can reconnect you with your spiritual core.

Labeled as one of the most remarkable swimming pools to grace the planet, the pool situated at the center of the Hanging Gardens of Bali was designed specifically for this venue, and for none other. The only pool of its kind in the world, it’s an attraction that tugs on the heartstrings of every true adventurer. Cool off to beat seasonally warm temperatures and check out the exploits of a world-renowned architect. You are adequately situated above the rainforest bed itself, with the provided sensation that you’re dangling above the tops of indigenous trees. Go for a dip in the aerial swimming pool, offered exclusively at the Hanging Gardens of Bali.

6. Honeymoon Spa Suite

If you’re celebrating your honeymoon, the Hanging Gardens of Bali want to celebrate with you. The Honeymoon Spa Suite is all things romantic and refreshing, a honeymoon destination that allows you to share intimate accommodations with your significant partner. With a minimum two-night stay, you’re going to need at least that long to take full advantage of onsite amenities. A full spa lounge space is yours, together with first-class bathroom quarters, and beds that you can sink into at the conclusion of each productive day.

Glass windows from floor to ceiling provide you excellent, uninterrupted vires of the surrounding rainforest. The Ubud Jungle preserve and Ayung River are both well within walking distance, ideal day adventures that still provide you enough time to fall easily in love with the suite itself. Take in these outdoor features from the edge of your private balcony! Wellness treatments are also afforded to the lucky couple, including aromatherapy foot treatments, body baths, yoga meditations, organic facial therapies and more. Daily breakfasts are also provided by certified chefs!

7. Balinese Cooking Instruction

Try indigenous cooking on for size, when we put you in charge of your own Balinese cooking! Balinese cooking lessons are both affordable and thrilling, a true undertaking that introduces you to the finest that local culture has to offer. Homegrown cuisine is only a cooking lesson away, where you take control of Balinese ingredients, no matter your culinary skill level.

Put the age-old Ulekan to use, a mortar and pestle approach that allows you to wield ingredients like peanut sauce and Bumbu Bali. And choose from among a variety of easy-to-make, easier-to-enjoy dishes, while you learn the traditional method of rice preparation – a staple of cultural Balinese cuisine. Friendly chefs can help take your Balinese culinary exploits to the next level!

8. Indulge in Authentic Rainforest Living

Distinguished hospitality in Bali rainforest has never been more accessible or affordable. Courtesy of the Hanging Gardens of Bali, you’re treated to a true once-in-a-lifetime encounter with exclusive Bali accommodations. Superior service pairs well with elegant, upscale villas, allowing you to craft a destination stay ideal for your preferences and travel budget alike. Airport shuttles provide direct transportation to the Hanging Gardens of Bali; your encounter with elite rainforest living is closer than ever.

Located in the cultural heart of the island of the Gods, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is the quintessential luxury villa in Ubud that offers unrivaled accommodation, swimming pool, dining and hospitality experience.