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Blog - Select a package for your wedding in bali? | Hanging Gardens of Bali


Posted on Nov 15, 2023

The Indonesian island of Bali is known for its organic beauty, filled with volcanos, luscious green jungles, rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. For those couples who want to mark their special day surrounded by the most exotic wonders of nature, Bali is the perfect place to say ‘I do’ and make memories of a lifetime. Choosing to plan your wedding with an exclusive package from a trustworthy company can help to make the most perfect day even more effortless and filled with perfect indulgence.

Combine Traditions

It is important to keep those traditions that are important to you and your family when planning your wedding, however combing those with new customs gathered from other cultures can create a special and one off day like no other. At Hanging Gardens of Bali, our wedding packages can allow you and your guests to experience the traditions of Bali on this joyful occasion. We can provide traditional Balinese rindik percussion musicians to create a fairy-tale soundscape as you saw the vows of your choice. Balinese flower girls in formal traditional kebaya can also add excitement to your day, and compliment the bridal party with additional glamour.

Access to Breath-Taking Venues

When choosing a wedding venues for a Bali wedding, you have access to premium venues like no other. At Hanging Gardens of Bali, we can transport you to the Hidden Place, a private villa collection , overlooking the magnificent jungle. Discovering concealed wonders with scenery like this is simply not possible unless enlisting the help of knowledgeable wedding experts in Bali.

In the run up to the day or in the wind down afterwards, Hanging Gardens of Bali is also home to the world’s best swimming pool, where you can relax in the presence of beauty and nature.

Additional Extras

When choosing a wedding package at the Hidden Place with Hanging Gardens of Bali, we take pleasure in providing those extra gestures that make you and your partner feel loved, pampered and indulged. The Bride and Groom can receive spa and wellness treatments from our team of highly skilled staff at The Spa Collection. Premium champagne is also provided for guest on your wedding day, and a wedding cake can be designed, exactly to your specifications.

Hassle Free

You want to be sure that your wedding day goes without any troubles, but doing it in an area away from your home can be difficult. Choosing a wedding package in Bali means that you have the help of local experts to provide their specialised knowledge to take care of any difficulty that may arise. Meaning you can sit back and look forward to your special day!

The Hanging Gardens of Bali is the perfect honeymoon resorts in Bali. Experience award-winning hospitality and service as you immerse in the peace and tranquility of the surrounding landscape.

If you wish to discover more, please provide us the details of your wedding or event and our dedicated specialists will contact you with a proposal that meets your requirements: